Pre-Conference Workshop Day

WORKSHOP A , 2:00pm - 5:00pm


Empowering Translational and Clinical Studies through Digital Pathology Adoption

In an era where healthcare is rapidly evolving, the adoption of digital pathology is no longer a question—it is a matter of when. Biopharmaceutical companies are poised to embrace digital pathology as a critical laboratory and assay technology, enabling improved patient access to treatment. As experts in the field have long recognized its potential, the convergence of investments, collaborations, and practical implementation has arrived. Now, it is time to explore how digital pathology can benefit your programs and how our community can collectively accelerate and standardize its adoption in clinical workflows.

Join this deep dive workshop to discuss:

  • Accelerate Diagnosis and Treatment Decisions: Why is digital pathology, and digital pathology coupled with AI, a solution for expediting accurate diagnoses and informing therapeutic decision-making? We delve into the impact of these technologies on patient care.
  • Transforming Translational and Clinical Studies: How can digital pathology and AI advance translational research and clinical studies? By leveraging these tools, we aim to develop better therapies for all patients.
  • Navigating the Path Ahead: Reflecting on our journey, we explore what digital pathology and AI should look like for healthcare system stakeholders. Additionally, we identify significant barriers to everyday clinical use and discuss strategies to overcome them.
  • Community Collaboration: How can our collective efforts move the needle? We examine whether widespread availability and adoption of digital pathology require a direct link to therapy. Drawing lessons from other emerging and established technologies, we seek insights to drive progress.
  • Informed Decision-Making: Finally, we address how to make sound decisions regarding the utilization of DP-enabled diagnostics in translational and clinical studies. Preparing the ecosystem for successful implementation is essential.

Join us in this interactive workshop as together, we unravel the potential of digital pathology and chart a course toward improved patient outcomes and standardized clinical practices.

Jennifer Quigley Headshot

Jennifer Quigley

Senior Director - Global Precision Medicine