Partnership Opportunities

Want to Become the Go-To Provider to Aid Drug Developers in their Mission to Enhance Digital Pathology & AI?

As the industry continue to push forward with digital pathology and AI, the inaugural Translational Digital Pathology & AI Summit will be your opportunity to join biopharma companies at the time of need when they are looking for practical solutions and services to enable the real-world application of digital pathology and AI in their lab workflow, preclinical and translational studies to empower robust clinical outcomes, better diagnosis and more effective drugs for patients.

As key decision makers come together, this forum is a unique opportunity for companies like yours to showcase your expertise in digital pathology, AI software, Image Analysis and data management to forge meaningful connections and help accelerate the field forward as the partner of choice for drug developers.

Top Three Reasons to Partner:

Translational Digital Pathology & AI Summit icon Generate New Business Leads: Secure valuable face time with key decision-makers through our innovative speed networking sessions and pre-organized 1-2-1 meetings. These interactions are designed to accelerate your business's growth and foster fruitful partnerships.
Translational Digital Pathology & AI Summit icon Earn Trust with Drug Developers: Position yourself as an essential partner for success by presenting on the main agenda. By showcasing your expertise, you'll gain the trust and confidence of influential drug developers, paving the way for business development opportunities.
Translational Digital Pathology & AI Summit icon Build Unwavering Brand Awareness: Increase your market share and brand recognition through strategic pre-conference and on-site advertising to maximize your exposure and impact.


Hear Why This Year's Speakers Are Excited For the Conference:

“I think the content is reflective of real issues, which is not always the case. I look forward to learning these new perspectives.”

Medical Director, Computational Pathology and Artificial Intelligence, Mayo Clinic

Associate Scientific Director, Pathology, Nonclinical Safety, Biogen 

“With this diverse collection of individuals at the meeting, I hope to find new ideas and solutions to improve my workflow and the practice of toxicology pathology”

“I consider it an excellent opportunity to share knowledge and perspectives among experts, which will help us to delve deeper into the best use of AI techniques for the benefit of pathology. These will assist us in elucidating the complexity of disease as well as aiding in the search for new treatments.”

Digital pathologist, Sanofi

Principal Scientist, AbbVie

“My team's achievements in digital pathology are significant, and I'm confident they will have a lasting impact on the field, driving both current and future innovations.”