Successfully Standardize Digital Pathology & AI Tools to Accelerate Preclinical & Translational Development, Stratify Patients & Reduce Costs to Bring Precise Drugs to Patients Faster

Uniting Large Pharma, Innovative Biotech & Leading Academics Dedicated to Accelerating Translational Digital Pathology & AI

There has been incredible innovation, collaboration, and investment in the translational digital pathology space. Yet, to date, there have been no dedicated conferences promising to successfully address the critical bottlenecks and exciting developments occurring from the perspective of the biopharma community. From tackling fundamental validation steps, to unequivocal advances in image analysis and AI applications, to overcoming regulatory challenges, this summit will be a game changer, facilitating unparalleled networking, thought-provoking discussions and innovative strategies to shape this ever-growing field.

Within this context, the Translational Digital Pathology & AI Summit will premiere for the first time to host the most comprehensive, ultra-specialized, industry dedicated meeting, to unite over 60 experts to explore new data and strategies to fast-track the adoption, standardization and limitless potential of digital pathology and AI.

Join 60+ senior leaders spanning Digital Pathology, Translational Medicine, Informatics, Biomarker Development and Precision Medicine from industry leading organizations such as Pfizer, AstraZeneca, Novartis, and Gilead, to name a few. From exploring the boundless horizons of AI applications in this domain to addressing the nuances of integrating digital pathology, seize this exclusive opportunity to discover how to streamline your lab workflow, expedite preclinical and translational drug development to foster cost-effective and successful advancements in drug-diagnostic strategies across a wide range of indications with unmet needs.

2024 Expert Speakers Include


Medical Director, Computational Pathology and Artificial Intelligence, Mayo Clinic

“With this diverse collection of individuals at the meeting, I hope to find new ideas and solutions to improve my workflow and the practice of toxicology pathology”

“I think the content is reflective of real issues, which is not always the case. I look forward to learning these new perspectives.”

Associate Scientific Director, Pathology, Nonclinical Safety, Biogen 

Digital pathologist, Sanofi

"I consider it an excellent opportunity to share knowledge and perspectives among experts, which will help us to delve deeper into the best use of AI techniques for the benefit of pathology. These will assist us in elucidating the complexity of disease as well as aiding in the search for new treatments."