Iman Tavassoly

Iman Tavassoly

Company: Repare Therapeutics

Job title: dirctor


Panel Discussion: Emerging Frontiers: The Intersection of Digital Pathology & Omics to Pioneer Unprecedented Diagnostic Capabilities 9:00 am

Exploring the synergy between digital pathology and omics in understanding diseases at a molecular level Discussing how integrating genomic data with digital pathology images enhances treatment decisions Addressing challenges and ethical considerations in managing large-scale omic and pathology datasetRead more

day: Day Two

Unleashing Machine Learning for Disease State Prediction to Forecast Treatment Strategies 9:30 am

How can machine learning develop prognosis prediction based on pathological data? Could pathological data determine pre-diagnostic biomarkers? What steps are needed for the validation of prognosis biomarker development?Read more

day: Day One

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